Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Our Church likes to have a safe alternative to Trick or Treating..... Trunk or Treat. Volunteers sign up to decorate their trunks or tailgates in a certain theme. Then children walk from trunk to trunk in the parking lot to receive candy!

You can tell by the look on C's face.... This is gonna be fun!!! This was his first Halloween to really get into it.... candy eating..... Well let's just say- almost every piece of candy in his bucket had a bite out of it.... PAPER & ALL!!!! Then he was downing suckers left & right. B would look at me and say "did you give him that?" I would say "no thought you did?" He would just drop the sucker in his bucket after a few good licks then pick it up later and start eating it again!!! Poor kid never gets any candy.... he was enjoying it one lick at a time!!
It is a lot of fun!! We choose to decorate our Trunk as none other than the BEST TEAM AROUND..... TEXAS LONGHORNS!!!! Surprisingly we won!!!

Crystal & I worked on carving pumpkins all day Friday.... when I say all day.... I mean ALL DAY!!! It took from 10:30-2 at my house just to open and empty them. I will post a story later this week with some pictures.... here's a sneak peak.....and one added note. I was talking to B about WHAT we would do to decorate... all we own Texas is clothes??? He said "carve Longhorns into pumpkins and just set them by some hay!" Who knew he had such great decorating ideas.... He would rather die than watch HGTV... my favorite!!

Crystal did the LONGHORNS.... wonderful might I add!!! She is super crafty.... great friend to have when you can only cut in a straight line- therefore I cut the T out!!

Here is a look at the other trunks- Pirate Ship, Hunting themes etc........

Here are the Fall pictures of the boys- Crystal's Boys were A Robot & Woody from Toy Story.
And my boys were a Texas Football Player & Fireman. They really enjoyed all the fun!!

Cousin AG came as a AR Razorback Cheerleader.... Aunt Cole got a picture of the TEXAS & ARKANSAS Teams!! Can't wait to see it!!

A special Thanks to- MiMi & BoBo for the Coloring Books, Aunt Jill & Uncle Charlie for the bag of goodies, and Mrs, Deborah for the cupcakes with Pumpkin rings... They love them all!!
Hope you all had a very safe & happy halloween...... what were your costumes/ what did you do??

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Kecia said...

Looks like great fun, except I can't believe they allow L------- at a CHURCH function! (kidding) Aren't you glad the storm didn't mess up either church's festivities? And so thankful everyone is okay. :)