Thursday, November 12, 2009

What would have been....

November 12, 1941

Today if my Grandmother were still living would have been their 68th Wedding Anniversary. She passed away just a few months shy of making to this year's date. Please say a prayer for my Papaw today. It will be a hard day....seeing that they were married so long and spent every waking moment together since the 60's when he retired. She is in a better place, no pain, no suffering- but we all still miss her and will until we see her again. Easter 2009

I pray that B & I have the time together that my grandparents did. They were friends and fishing partners, and shared a many of laughs together. This weekend B & I went on a much needed date together. We laughed and talked together- which is something that helps keep a marriage strong. But mostly we keep God as our center of it all and that gives us more strength than we could ever ask for. Which is mostly the reason for 68 year success from Mamaw & Papaw.

Thanks to my parents, B's parents & all of our grandparents in all their years of togetherness... may we all see many many more years of happiness together!


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