Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for MY BOYS...

When I say my boys, I mean ALL MY BOYS!!! My husband included. He is my first boy, then the babies came!!
I do love all of them so very much, could not imagine my life without them. The all bring out the best & worst in me.... mostly the BEST!!

They all three are different and it totally amazes me how- 4 people can live under the same roof and we are all different... and how 2 kids can come from the same mom & dad and be SO different!!

B has been my best friend since our first date. We kept saying "I feel like I have known you my whole life!" all night long. And honestly, we just really have a GREAT friendship and communicate & trust each other completely- we can finish each others sentence & read each others minds... in fact I cannot tell you how many times we have picked up the phone at the same exact time and called each other!! I just truly love him more than any person on this earth.

Then there is T my first born.... well he is a typical first child!! He makes me laugh and cry in the same moment- his honesty and soft hearted side reminds me so much of his daddy. I have a feeling by his growing.... he will be a gentle giant as people call B. He is growing up so fast I cannot believe it. He is totally predictable and even tells me when he has done something wrong... as he is crying!! "Mama I pulled my brother's hair and he cried- I just wanted to let you know because it made me feel bad!" He is my helper- and good at it!! I love him so much!!

Well, bringing up the caboose in my boys is C- he is only 2 so I still have a long way to go as far as learning him.... although he still speaks Chinese I do understand him in his own language!! He is so much like me it is sad!! Strong-willed and very determined. He is a natural leader- leads his older brother in fact. He is my explorer and my searcher..... he searches for things to do or check out!! He definitely keeps me on my toes... I need that though!! I love him because he is silly and funny in his own way- like his daddy!! His sense of humor is dry and funny in his own special way!! The thing I am still trying to figure out is moods.... you never know what mood he will be in- I am clock work.... and cut & dry you know what I am feeling and MOST of the time I am happy & in a great mood. C on the other hand.... goodness you don't know from one minute to the other. Very Unpredictable.... but I am doing my best- I have to tell T in the mornings when we are all jumping into my bed to snuggle for a few more moments.... "don't touch him give him time!!" Where me & T LOVE to snuggle and love on each other!!

I do LOVE moments together like that- Snuggling in bed nearly every morning- in fact I hate to say that this semester of school T has been arriving at 9 or later.... due to extra snuggle time!! Here is the way I see it- one day they won't be here or want to snuggle with mama on a cold morning- so I will take it when I can. Plus, one day he will have be at school on time- and I will have to be at work on time.... right now..... just chill & snuggle!! They are only little once- that is my motto!!

We have been trying a family tradition this year- due to hunting season it is on hold. Saturday morning breakfast at a restaurant. Since B usually has to go to the parts store to get a few things in the mornings, we stop by and eat then go with him. We all want to spend as much time as we can life is too short to not spend time together!!

I love to celebrate Birthdays- and go all out!!! You only live on earth once, why not celebrate and enjoy what the Lord has given and blessed you with. I see giving my kids a BIG birthday bash an honor and not a burden. All the years I wanted babies and then to only have 2 babies in heaven, I say CELEBRATE & be THANKFUL for ALL YOU HAVE!!


Thanks to Crystal for great pictures!!


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