Friday, November 20, 2009

a Visit to the ZOO

Here we go... a flash back to September... Labor day weekend. Hence the shorts!! It has taken so long to upload these pictures. I took my new camera.... and my goodness when you take a million pictures it is really hard to decide which ones to use on the blog. Then you can only upload 2 at a time because of the size of the pictures. I have learned that OUTDOOR pictures take MUCH longer!!! And we all know the ZOO is definitely OUTDOORS!! Could you imagine the smell of an indoor ZOO!!! UGGHHHH- Don't even go there!!

So here are the pics from our visit to the Tulsa Zoo!!
Lots of FUN!!! I really enjoyed it this time. I grew up going to this ZOO my whole life- they have done a lot of remodeling. The last visit we had was when I was 8 months pregnant with C.... I definitely had swollen ankles after that trip... and we were potty training T at the time. We knew were all the restrooms were!!
We were glad to take T back and C for the first time of many I am sure!!

Grana, Poppie, Daddy & the boys in the jungle rider

C enjoyed the elephants and T showed us he is the same as a monkey!!


I did give T an "old film camera" hahaha that sounds funny !! He loved it- we would crack up at him to see him take a picture as if he could see the picture on the back like a digital camera. His pictures I paid $13 for a bunch of grass or a elephants tail!! Priceless though to him- he took them for show & tell!!

At the petting ZOO the boys found a log..... this cracked us up so much. They just were holding onto this log and petting it. While the goats & sheep were dodging all the other kids!! They did pet the animals but, went to the log first!!

That is what T use to call them!!

I like this picture a lot because I cannot tell you how many pictures of me & my sister that we also have at this same fence looking a the sea lions!!

Waiting on the Train ride.... waiting.... waiting.....

FINALLY.... HAPPY BOYS on the TRAIN!!! Choo Choo!!!

If you have ever seen poppie.... here he is 50 years younger...... T

C loved the Train... every time the whistle would blow he would just crack up laughing!!! Then yell out "all aboard"

Our piggy back rides to the car... our little monkeys!!!

Have you been to the ZOO lately?? Which one.... Got any favorites??


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