Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Play date & Pumkin Carving

We carved the pumpkins for our "trunk or treat" theme TEXAS Longhorns!! My friend Crystal & I had not carved pumpkins since we were kids.... I really thought it was not that bad as a child. Now I know my mom did most of the work. We googled it and could not believe the tools and all the patterns out there. We opted for a knife & spoon!!
Here are some pics from our play date/pumpkin carving day on the back porch.

Here is the end result... Longhorns & T for Texas!!
I have to be honest- this was B's idea for the caving longhorns for decor and Crystal did the stencil & longhorn. I did the T and it was hard... straight line you think would be easy!!

Did you carve a pumpkin??


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