Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful for Family

I am very thankful for my family~ We have so much to be thankful for all the good examples of marriage & christian homes!!

Both B & I have a sister, and they both have one daughter. Our family might be small but we are close. Sometimes I feel we are closer to our extended family- friends, and church family.
All in all it does not matter if you are blood kin when you have a bond with friends they are just like family.

Here are some pictures of our family....

My parents, sister, brother in law & niece with our family

I am so very thankful for the 84 years that my Mamaw had to get to know her and I am extremely thankful that my boys both got to meet her- T got to know her more. Papaw is 88 years old and still very healthy!!

I feel that is special seeing that I never met any of my great-grandparents!

B's family~ straight & silly sides...

His parents, sister, niece, aunt & uncle, & grandparents with our family

There is B's granmother Mamaw M~ she is amazing... I see her as a strong woman- a wife of a truck driver... back when they were really gone and had no phone call but once a week!!

Our Extended Family~ the Brother that Blake never had..... UNCLE CHARLIE & AUNT JILL
Man we could NOT make it without these two in our lives.... from helping with parties to coming to retrieve dead animals out of flower beds... hahaha There any time we need them. And of course the LOVELY yard that almost all our family pictures are taken!! Blake &Charlie are very special friends!!

We love all of our family each and everyone in a different way. Each of you are special to us and we appreciate all the Love that you show us through out the year!


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