Monday, November 9, 2009

Puffs Plus... My Hero!!

Well, we have gotten better... a few of us.... not me.... seems like I have gotten worse.... aa aa AAAACHOOO!!! I feel like that guy on the commercial with the BIG NOSE on a BODY!!! That's me.... only I have a pair of GIANT EARS throbbing out to the side of each nostril!!

I have a FULL BLOWN sinus infection. I know because I have had one before... last time-it has been awhile though. C was 6months old and I was nursing... so I tried really hard to make it through with out any antibiotics... I ended up taking some mild ones- then lost my milk. I had to end up taking medicine to get the milk back flowing again... Okay that was TMI!!! But it works- I know a few of you are nursing and there is a pill to help with milk supply- message me and I can tell you.

I also have major pain in my teeth... kinda like a cavity only worse because it is in ALL my upper teeth!! And then there is the bulging eyeballs.... I feel like they will fly out any time I sneeze..... AAACCCHHOOOOO- BOINK- kinda like those goofy glasses that have slinky springs on them and the eyeballs bounce around.

Ok enough about all my problems. I am going to try to go to the doctor this morning- Boys too. They are much better- but by the looks of my OTISCOPE.... yes I bought one after T's second set of tubes... Walgreen's 9.99!!! WONDERFUL!!! T's tube is crooked...maybe?? C.... well I cannot see past his grossness to see his ... think his ear infection still leangers a little. They both also have this cough- only when they sleep..... that means... not good rest!!!

Honestly, I have been putting off going to the Dr. due to the outbreak of flu/H1N1 in our area.... I am just trying to protect us from all that I can. Therefore I am still NOT sending T back to pre-school this week.... maybe Friday?? I could just imagine going to the doctor for a little cough and coming home with a pig nose & mask!!

So as soon as the strike of 8 am- I am calling like they have given me 3 mins to call into the radio station to claim my million dollar prize... only this call will cost me $60 in co-pay!!

I have a strategy.... sit in the car until it is our turn then run like the wind into the room that awaits us. Then when the doc gives us the ok- I gather my chicks under my wings and run like a fox is after us... out the door to safety!!

I know I sound completely insane... but you know me.... MAMA BEAR!!! I just pray that God keeps us well this winter and I know that with my keeping them out of harms way- or sickness that may help too!!

Plus, I have got to get better by Tomorrow- it is B's b-day and have not given the poor guy a kiss on the lips in a week due to my "nasal" situation- Don't want to get him sick!! That's a little TMI too!! WOW full of it today!!

Hope all is well with you and your family and that you are staying well!!


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