Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't Hate... Just color

OK for many many months now- probably since I started my blog back in April I wanted to post this story!! I just did not have the pictures to go with it. Then I thought I threw the stupid crayons away- until we found them the other day.

Since T has been home for 2 weeks we have colored, painted, and been super crafty. You gotta do what works to keep them busy!!

When I bought these crayons I thought they would be great for C- he loved to EAT regular crayons. So, I tried them and by-golly he ate these too. The kid must be starving for plastic??

I put them up and thought to my self. Okay they are a toy... so what do kids do with toys.... put them in their mouth. At least mine do-- they have a biting fetish. Neither one took a passy for long. C slept with one and T did not even like to look at them. So, they did however put EVERYTHING in their mouths. Crystal & I laugh about their "fetish" of putting stuff in their mouths. Her toys at her house that have bite marks... were my kids teeth!! DVD cases too!!

Anyway, I found those "toy" colors the other day when I was cleaning out a drawer in the office. The boys LOVED them- and even though C still had to try them out for taste. He did not eat them like he did when he was 18 months or so.

And I did notice T.... hmmmm.... he has a hard time holding a pencil & cutting motor skills.... we are working on it daily...... he did wonderful and it showed him how to crab claw the crayon!! Since then, he HAS held the pencil/ crayon RIGHT!!!

So my title for this post was originally DON'T BUY these CRAYONS!!! I changed my thinking- Don't hate.... just try a little later when the time is right.

Just like the saying goes... If at first you don't succeed... try try again!!!

Do you have these or have you tried these crayons??


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