Monday, November 23, 2009

A week of Thankfullness

This week I would like to take the time to show and tell about my Thanksgiving!

I would like to start with my Friends.... most who are faithful readers ;)

I would like to mention a few, although I have many friends- I don't have time to spend time on the phone all day talking or eating lunch, I would love to!!!

This is our group of moms from Story time at the Library.... we had Katja's shower at a cute little sandwich shop.... left a pretty heavy mark. But they all stay at home and have little ones like myself so we can all relate!! Not to mention we try to get together with a BIGGER group for play dates and holiday parties!!!
Then there is my 30th Birthday Party.....

Fun Fun Fun.... this was 2 years ago- but ALL these friends are very close to and I love them all. I might not talk to some of them for a month or two- then pick back up exactly where we left off. A few were not here, Whitney, Crystal, Sandy...

I am glad however my sister told me to go put some jeans on instead of my pj's about 10 minutes before I opened the door and they were all standing there!! Thanks for the video too Kristy!!

I love this picture even though we just are looking loverly, with no makeup on. My friend Sandy, she lives in Little Rock- has a baby just a few days younger than C. She & I have connected because are husbands were friends in High School. Sandy is also a wife of a husband in the military- very Thankful for her & him!!

Of course there is Heather- she and I also connected because her first husband & my husband were also classmates. She then started to come get her hair done from me and worked in my shop doing nails up until I had T. Robbi is with us in this picture- she and I have connect through Heather.... btw keep her in your prayers still... she is doing well, just has a long road of healing ahead!!

Then there is Debbie, Renee, GiGi & Mrs. Deborah- these are my friends that are a little older than me but we really can connect. They treat my kids like their own and help me out so much- whether it be a shopping trip or trip to the Doctor in Little Rock. They are my Hero's I just think they are glad they don't have to go home with us.... the car ride is bad enough!!!

Then there is my Blog Family, I love to read their blogs and don't get to keep up with them any other way.... Here is my list of REAL LIFE Blog Friends:

I thank Mer for being such an inspiration to me in writing a blog and as a young mother. I can remember from a young married girls life I thought she was just the best mom ever- Great example to follow and her kids and husband call her blessed for sure!! Even though she lives far away- I can keep up with her blog.

Last by certainly NOT LEAST.... Crystal- she is my shoulder and my rock. She and I talk on the phone at least once a day and if not we have to talk the next day twice to make up for it!! Our kids are the same age- and we live right down the road from each other!! We have cried on the phone together and laughed until we cannot understand what the other is saying, we completely accept the other one for who they are and what their talents & gifts are!! I am so thankful for her!!

And to think.... we met on a isle at our favorite Grocery store when she was pregnant with her C and I was trying to have a baby... I told her "WOW you are pregnant- you cannot tell until you turn sideways!!" She looked normal from behind.... then when she went to reach something- woowza belly 'bout to bust!!!

I am so Very Thankful for ALL my friends- I pray for them all daily and Thank God that they have all come into my life at a special time!!

I am so thankful that GOD has sent all my friends to me.... in all different ways!!

What about you, do you have friends you are so very thankful for??



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Mollie! I'm thankful for YOU!

So glad John got to see you, but so sad I wasn't there too. Thanks for going. He made me cry when he told me what Bo said to tell him. Very sweet.

Love your haircut too!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Ginger said...

I love reading your blog. Thanks for being Thankful for me as a friend. I am thankful you are my friend too!