Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day, I would like take time to honor
the men in my Family who have served in the Military.

My Father.... served in the United States Navy

My Papaw served in the United States Army....

he also just celebrated his 88th Birthday Saturday!

Those who are no longer with us- and who will be remembered for many thing but are honored on this day for their service....
B's Papaw for serving in the United States Navy

My Grandpa Daddy Pete Served in the United States Marines.

My Uncle DA who served in the United States Navy

To all the Men & Women who serve our country and who have put their lives on the line for our freedom. For the hours and time you spend away from your families to allow us to have safety with our family. I would like to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart. I am proud to be from a family of veterans and I support and back all that they stand for.
I am also saying a special prayer for those who lost their lives just last week at Fort Hood, TX. In all the times that their family probably thought they could not be safer- then to be killed on our own soil in their own backyard. My heart goes out to all the victims & their families. May God Bless them.

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Kecia said...

Amen, and Go Navy! My dad and nephew and Mike's dad served in the Navy, and my brother's an Army chaplain. :) I am so grateful to all who keep me safe and free.