Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Picture... Just a Story...

Well, usually I like to have a picture or many pictures to back up my story. This one was too dark and too funny to grab a camera.

Last night T's bedroom door opened about and hour and a half AFTER he was in bed. And much to my surprise a little boy in his baseball pajama's came out with cowboy boots on too.

He went straight to the bathroom.... seeing that is the reason he came out. And I walked over to the bathroom door and stood in darkness talking to the half awake child with heavy eyelids. I asked " why do you have your boots on baby?" Then he looked at me as if I was bothering him and said "I need to sleep in them!"

I thought, OK well I think this is a battle I will have to win.... seeing these size 13 boots on the wrong feet!

I then knelt down next to him and said "well we don't sleep in our shoes... when we go to sleep we rest and we should let our feet rest too.... so let's take out boots off when we go back to bed."
Thinking that was a reasonable answer.

His response... "No I am not gonna take them off but can I take off my clothes?? That is how cowboy's sleep in there underwear with boots on!!"

Well, now I wonder what western movies he has been watching with his daddy.... I gently removed the hard leather boots and place that sweet little cowboy back in bed. And as he always does in his laid back manner..... just goes with the flow.... did not mind a bit taking the boots off.

I then kissed his head and told him "sleep good cowboy" he replied with a grin " I will dream about ridin' buckin' bulls!"

As long as he keeps it a dream I will fight that battle when I cross that bridge... until then I pray it is only a dream of his... not a dream come true!!

aka mother of cowboy

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Mandy said...

I love this! He is such a cowboy by heart! Too Cute!