Monday, April 27, 2009

Horse Show Fun

This weekend was busy. We packed in as much as we could, and had a fun filled weekend!!

The highlight of the weekend by far was saturday when Aunt Donna & Uncle Mark had a horse show- just a few miles down the road from us. T has such an interest in Horses. He begs me to take him to Aunt Donna's so he can see the horses. Not to long ago she bought him a pair of spurs now he says " I am a real Cowboy!" I just bought C his first pair of boots...he is still getting use to them- he walks as if he has dirtied his britches. It is so funny! Here is a picture for proof.

At the Horse show Donna & Mark both placed first in three different categories. They have been showing horses for around 30 years or so?? Not to for sure but I am guessing. Rosie is the Horse they brought to show. Here Donna is getting her ready.

C was entertained mostly by an icee.... he then got bored with that and decided to poor it all over himself- including the new boots! Boys!! Donna found a place he could not get out of!!

Toward the end of the show Mark offered to give them a ride on the horse. I have never seen a bigger smile on T's face. Well, it is just as big when he sees his daddy drive up from work! He was so happy and he talked about it all day long. Now he IS A REAL COWBOY!!

C got to ride too. This was his most still moment of the day! He is so busy, but he just rode up there like a pro. He talked to Mark in his foreign language.....none of us can understand it yet. He knows what he is saying and he knows what he wants!! Mark said the only thing he could get was TRACTOR!! He does love to say Tractor & Truck!! Those words you can understand clear.

A BIG thanks to the

BEST Aunt & Uncle around!!

Not to mention the BEST soon to be first time grandparents!!

What a GREAT day we had at the Horse Show!! This is a great thing for kids to learn how animals are trained and taken care of to show for events. A lot of responsibility lessons learned.

T wants to ride it in the "dirt" next time....the arena. I told him he had to practice like they do and be good enough to ride the horse all by himself- that would be a long time after he goes to kindergarten. I have to speak in school ages for him to understand a long way away! Which I am sad to say will be closer than we can imagine!

When we got home we did yard work..... I'll post that later when I have before & after photos. Note to Self- Don't tell your husband to tear out the box shrubs in the flower bed until you are ready to put something there! He loves to use his tractor to tear things down.....boys and their toys!!



kwallocha said...

Love the pictures, especially the one with T and his uncle.

kwallocha said...

Love the pictures, especially the one with T and his uncle.

Mandy Keith said...

Great pics and good times!

Emmanuel said that Mr. Keith also an awesome person to work for!!!!!!!!!

Looks like fun!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Look at that grin on his face in the last picture. PRICELESS!!!!