Monday, April 6, 2009

Count Your Blessings

Two of My Blessings

You know the song..."count your blessing name them one by one, count your blessing look what God has done...." That song can mean a lot of things. Blessings: My Family, My Children, my husband's job, our house...etc...

Lately, I have had two children taking turns trying to see how much sleep I can deal without! T was sick last week- up all night sick stomach and preferred for me to sleep with him. C has been sick ALL weekend long, ear infection & bad cough. I cannot count how many hours of sleep I have NOT had but, I can feel about how many I NEED!!

You might think that I am a terrible mother to say this but "what a blessing" that all they have is sick stomach and ear infections. As I sat in the doctor's waiting room with C this morning. An older gentleman said "he doesn't look like he feels well." I replied "No he doesn't and he is probably tired from being up ALL night long too." One man chimed in " I don't miss those days." And there was a little giggle from all of the blue haired ladies sitting in the corner. I thought for a moment and responded to them by saying " Yes, it is hard now, but I would not trade it for anything- one day I will be up at 2 a.m. waiting for him to come home." They ALL in a agreement nodded their heads or said "yes that is so true."

We have had a couple of friends in the last few years to loose a child, or have a sick baby in the hospital from time to time. I think of how blessed we are. Yes, T has had 4 operations for tubes in his ears and tonsils out but, he is well and healthy. C will be getting tubes in his ears now seeing that he is 18months old and has had 8 ear infections.

And all the laundry piled up in the house from vomit or medicine being spit out in the middle of the will get done.....eventually. I know my friend Sarah who lost Abby almost a year ago now would give anything to pick up laundry from a sick child or just be up ALL hours of the night to hold Abby again. I cannot complain- and if I did I would feel terrible.

One day I will wish the boys would be here to make a mess so I could pick it up. I know that one day that will come- until then. I will count ALL my blessings...catching vomit, dodging medicine being spit out, changing diapers in the middle of the night while half asleep- only to realize the poop landed on your foot when you took it off. (yes that is no lie)

Do you have Blessings that might not seem so lovely to count?
But, you will be able to look back and say " I am so glad for those days!"

A Blessed Mom ~


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