Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PLEASE Don't try this in your Car!!

Here it is the story that everyone keeps asking me about......

Yes, this is real the names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Just as it happened one sun shining glorious February Day.
I was traveling to a check-up appointment for my little C. I have traveled down this road many times and done the same thing before.....only this time I got BUSTED!!!

As I was driving listening to "the wheels on the bus" as we do most of the time in the car. I was traveling my normal 55 mph. Because that is the law. Needless to say I have slowed down tremendously, since I am caring precious cargo in the back now. And when I travel on this highway we were on, I usually meet many 18 wheelers. Today was no different. I also run into an occasional Arkansas State Trooper ( dun dun dun...)

On this trip I met a AR State Trooper and moments later I met an 18 wheeler. Just as any law abiding self respecting truckers wife would do..... I flashed my headlights at the trucker. Then to my surprise my dashboard friend....fuzz buster let me know real quick......that was not so smart!There right behind the large truck was a FULL GROWN BEAR!
It did not take a genius to figure out you don't flash your headlights at another state trooper to warn him of the one you just met. But, it does mean you need to go to the eye doctor IMMEDIATELY!!!
A few miles down the road, I thought....whew..... I really got away with that. But wait faster than a speeding bullet....there he was! Right on my bumper! Ah Rats!!

I warned T in the back seat "OK mama has just done something wrong, I am gonna stop and this police officer is going to come and talk to me- BUT, everything is gonna be OK!" T is definitely the question asking three year old and not to mention a great storyteller. I was thinking to myself- Great everyone is gonna know about this!

As the sharply dressed uniformed officer walked to my window- I know that feeling. I have been down this road before- but usually for speeding. The knot in my throat got bigger and my stomach got higher in my throat! (have you been there?)

This is the conversation as follows:

ARST: " I am assuming you have NO doubt in your mind why I pulled you over!!!!"
Me: "Yes Sir, I flashed my headlights at the 18 wheeler. I did not know you were behind him."

ARST: "And why would you flash your headlights at me to tell me that my fellow Trooper was ahead of me?"
Me: "Well sir- I just thought that is what truckers do??" (Gee I did not know you were there honestly!! I promise!! I was thinking)

ARST: "Did you know that there has been escapes from the jail- there are 3 child predators, 2 rapist, and 2 murderers out and we are looking for them!" He said with pure anger in his voice.

Me: "Oh sir I did not know that there were escapees?"

ARST: "Well there wasn't but, if there were- you would have warned them about a trooper they would have turned around and then they could have come to your toward your house and possibly harmed you! I don't write that many tickets on this road, I am out here for your protection and to slow people down!"

(OK that put it in a whole new perspective)

Me: "Officer I am really sorry that I did that, I really never thought of it that way. I just thought of it as something truckers do." (did I mention I have blonde hair)

ARST: " Go ahead and give me your insurance and registration. I'll be back"

He then walked back to his car. I looked in the back seat and my two boys were wide eyed and T was about to bust with questions- It was all over his face.

"Mama" he said with fear in his voice "is he gonna take you to jail for flashing your lights at that truck?" WHAT??? He was right in with what was going on....man they don't miss a thing!

"No, I have my seat belt on and I was not speeding- everything will be okay" I reassured him.

He then asked if he could talk to him. I told him it just depends. *wink* If mama gets a ticket I was thinking!

The trooper came back to my window. As I took off my dark sunglasses and batted my BIG blue eyes....thinking that would help- hey I was desperate!

He told me that he should arrest me- this was a criminal offense! To my surprise flashing your headlights to warn other drivers of another police is Obstructing Government Operations!!

Geez- I had NO CLUE!! Anyway, he had mercy on me and gave me a warning. The eyes worked!! No really I think the two kids in the back seat even though they did not make a peep he knew they needed their mama. Plus not to mention I just honestly told him I the truth. I feel that when you lie you are just digging a grave you cannot climb out of.

*Oh the things that I could have said... " that was my husband in the truck", "I knew that trucker- I work the parking lots", "what have you got those prisons lined with paper- I swear they escape every week.", "yeah right you don't write tickets what do you do out here eat donuts?" wait wait one more... "hey there officer I was flashing my lights at you so I could get you to stop me so I could see you up close- you are one fine lookin' man!!" *

No really, I totally respect anyone in a uniform. No matter how brazen or tough they might come across as- that is there job. For all of the hours they put there life on the line for my life.

Before he walked away I asked him if my son could talk with him. He responded "yes" as he puffed out his chest with pride. Then I rolled down the back window. Seeing the two toddlers sitting in there tightly buckled car seats, he melted. T then took over from there......" Thank You for being our Hero." As the trooper chuckled he said "you're welcome- I am glad you boys have your seat belts on." Then he tapped the side of my car and said "Have a Good Day!"

As I drove off I thanked the Lord for Favor on my part...out loud. I thanked God for mercy and for giving me the right words to say at the right time. I then looked at the piece of paper he gave me- called his name out and asked the Lord to Bless him and protect him and his family for having mercy on me.

Slow it down out there....Have a Good Day....and take my warning don't flash your headlights!!


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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I seriously did not know that flashing your lights was something you could get pulled over for. Wow.

Glad you escaped with only a warning. I've never been so lucky.