Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here Birdie Birdie.....

We made Bird Feeders!! How Fun!! This was C's first time to paint with REAL paint. I have given him finger paint that is edible, so that doesn't count. He has this thing about everything to the mouth. I forget when they stop that- but I think he should. He still tried....that is the future leader in him coming out!! I really think putting it on a plate was a mistake- have plate will eat anything on it idea for him.

T loves to paint and visit. I can remember when before C came along, we would sit at the table and color/paint/play dough/etc. and visit forever. I miss that. But, I would not trade C for anything. I know one day C will be the same. When he learns to SIT and STAY.
I always cover my table with this old table cloth that I have had since before I was married. Every time T see me putting it on he says "goodie what are we gonna do?" Then I put old shirts on them- not to get there play clothes even dirtier!! Yes, I am a little OCD about things and keeping them in there original condition.

Here are our Bird Feeder for the Birdies!!! They seem to like them. One was inside the big feeder the today day, T was so excited. We have hung them right out on the porch so when we sit at the dining room table we can watch them. T sings "building a birdie house with my friend Mickey Mouse" the whole time we were painting. (that song is off of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

We also have a hummingbird feeder in front of our Living Room window. Ahhh the simple things. We can be in the middle of a crazy game- or running through the house then all the sudden, STOP look there is a bird!! It is fun to talk about how all the birds are different just like people. And how God created them all different just like us.

This project total was:
Empty Gallon of Milk or Water 3.99
Kid's Paint (already had) 4.99
Paint brush pack of 4 .99
Time with the boys.......................Priceless



Jen said...

Hey Mollie! I love the blog and especially love reading the stories about the boys. Little boys are the greatest! I'm addicted to blogs and read way to should definitely check out mckmama's blog ( Angie's blog ( and then of course mine!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

VERY clever craft! I love doing stuff like this with my kids. Thanks for the idea.