Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Day of Fun!!

Today was a nice cool spring day. I thought we would take a drive down to our favorite places, the farm road and duck pond. Since I stay at home it is very important for all of us to 'get out'. I have found when you stay inside all the time or at home all the time....it seems to get everyone in a funky mood. So, I try often to do different things and go special places to get out of the house and have a fun time. It really makes you bond and grow together in a relationship when you take time to do special things. Even if it cost nothing- which is most important.

We love to go to the local "farm road". It is a mile of barns, farm animals, and nature at it's best. T loves to see the "buckin' bulls." Recently there were some new babies and that was fun to see the little goats running and playing. Not to mention the fresh loverly farm fragrance smell that is provided with the windows rolled down.

After the drive down the road we stopped at our all time favorite place....the duck pond! We go on a regular basis to feed the beautiful fat ducks. When they see you pull up they come quacking....waddling up and ready to get there week old stale bread. Today was the first day to put C on the ground and he stayed in one place and did not charge towards the pond. Usually this no fear child makes a b-line for the water. He has changed a lot in the last few weeks and seems to be minding better! (Praise the Lord- but my hand is stinging more)

On our visit to the ducks- we had a special job to do. Find "Chick" the fish a new home. Yes, Chick is a 6 yr old goldfish that thanks to Aunt Donna has been living in our backyard for almost a week. She decided to fill in her goldfish pond in her backyard.....so T got to bring "chick" home!

B & I told him that he needed a better home. So we thought if we let him go live at the duck pond, then we can take fish food when we go and feed the ducks too. Plus, he needed to have fish friends more than live in our kiddy pool in the backyard.

As we took chick from his 5 gallon buck I let T say good-bye and pet him one last time. And with tears in his eyes he said "bye bye chick I know you will have fun here, now go find a mama and daddy who will love you and play with you" Bless his heart, that kid is so sweet and the heartfelt things that come out of his precious mouth. So, I placed chick in the water praying that he would swim away and get out of site as soon as he could. Poor chick going from a one fish pond to a pond full of fish- being the new kid is not fun.

I had a great day with the boys, it seems like they are growing up so fast and they will be gone before I know it. I cherish each visit to the duck pond and drive down the farm road....one day they will be driving and I know this day will come sooner than I even expect.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from today. I enjoyed taking them! Do you have any special places to go and visit that are Happy on the heart and not Heavy on the pockets?


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