Saturday, April 18, 2009

Muddy Buddies

For all you OCD people look away now!!!
This was a few weeks back...but I have been wanting to post our moment in the mud.

We had a Fun Day in the MUD!!!

Where Brother goes He follows....

This is a favorite moment of ours- usually I don't get muddy....but today I had no choice. C started to throw it everywhere. As I squatted down to talk to T, I fell in the mud. They thought it was so funny. This was C's first time to stay up most of the time too. He usually falls down or gets stuck in it. You know what that means.....yes, I know he is getting bigger.

One day I will look back at all of my mud puddle jumping pictures and they will turn into driving their 4 wheelers in mud. I know that theses days will pass why not get muddy while I can. Plus, it helps me burn a few calories. Not to mention when we came in after a warm bath- they took a good nap! That is my moto- wear them out so they will sleep!

T & I had Mud Beards....I must admit my face feels so much smoother!! hahaha

Mud Pie Anyone???

So Glad I am a mother to boys.....if I had girls we would not be doing this!!

Muddy Mollie

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

If we had girls, we would not be doing this.SO TRUE! You're fun to let them be boys and play in the mud. I'm one of those OCD people who needed to look away! :)