Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Story Time at the Library

Story Time is so much fun for us. Not only do I get to visit with other moms, the boys get to pick out books, play with friends, and of course listen to a story.

We have been going to Story time since T was 5 months old. He would just sit on my lap---now that is different story! He plays games on the computer, can tell you what is going on in the story and answer questions. My how he has grown!
We LOVE Mrs. S! She is the best Story Time Leader Ever!!! She has such good attributes for teaching children to read- PATIENCE, Love, and a caring heart!

C is not always the best at sitting a listening to the stories, but before long I know he will. He loves books though!! He usually will pull them off the shelf and just sit and look through them. I have found that he would rather sit by himself than in my lap when I read to him also. Whatever works, as long as they love to read.

It is important to start good reading habits at a young age. We have read to both boys since they have been born. Even if they are babies I would sit them in my lap and read the newspaper or magazine out loud.

Our Library just recently acquired a new home. It is much more spacious and newer than there former location. Next week there will be a open house for children's story time. This week it was great to just get to see the new place and get back together with friends. They have this carousel horse that the kids love to ride- Glad they kept it. The visit to the Library would not be the same with out a horsey ride!

T's favorite book is the Bible so far, I hope that does not change. He has so many books I don't really think he has a favorite story book. C on the other hand LOVES his curious George Books, or anything with Clifford, Mickey Mouse in it. He likes short books to read since he is on the go- not too long- lots of pictures!

Do you read to your children if so what is their favorite book? If you don't have Children what do you like to read?



Stacy said...

ah! i was told story time didn't start back up until may!.......what the heck?
i can't wait ot see the place!

Mandy Keith said...

Kylie looks so mad!

kwallocha said...

Wish we could have been there. I guess we'll see you all the first week of May. Until then Keep on reading...

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Start 'em young, Mollie!!!

My kids love the library. For as long as I can remember, we've gone once a week. In the summer, we often go more than that!

My kids LOVED all the Sandra Boynton books--Barnyard Dance, Dinosaurs, and more. And also Eric Carle.