Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favorite Spot for the Moment

C has a new perch. After we made our bird houses and hung them on the front porch. It was much easier to see the lovely birds with the blinds open. I pulled the long string that hung the huge blinds for our big picture window. This little birdie flew up to the top of the couch and can be seen by all who drive by. He waves at cars and calls the truckers by there name!!

He also has noticed on of his NEW favorite words "stop sign" with his hand held out! We have been working with T on his shapes by using flash cards after dinner. Octagon is shaped like a "stop sign" T always holds his hand out too!! Well little did we know until we stopped on day at a "stop sign" that C has been paying attention too!!

They are always listening......even to learn.

Have a Good Day!!


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