Friday, April 3, 2009

What's in a Name?

As the Dryer Turns..... You may think is an odd name for my blog.
Let me explain.
I prayed about a neat name for my blog. May sound crazy but I think it is important to pray for little and BIG things in life. Any trip I make to a store...I pray God Please let me find a good parking spot- close to a buggy thing- so I can just throw the kids in a buggy and go. (yes, now that I live in AR you must call it a buggy not a shopping cart) Then as I drive into the spot he has saved for me- I thank him for opening the space for me and giving me favor.

I really wanted a funny or humorous title. Due to the following stories I plan to blog. I looked up scriptures that would go with it, and nothing really excited me. Until, one day as I was reading Proverbs 31- the dryer buzzed. I then proceeded to walk to the laundry room- thinking in my head- That dryer must turn and buzz all day. It works as much as me. And to think of all that goes on in this house as the dryer head just exploded with excitement!! Oh' to be a dryer in the house- not the fly on the wall???

Therefore, I named it As the Dryer Turns......(thought about adding) and the Dishes Pile up......Kids crying & screaming........Husband's Hungry.........Dinner is burning in the oven????
There were many options for added info. As my dryer turns in my home many things happen. I added the Proverbs 31 scripture- reminding me that even though I may seem so tired of the day to day hustle and blah blah lifestyle that staying at home can have with it somedays. I must be reminded each day that I am doing this work for the Lord. The reward of seeing my children grow in the Lord and a happy husband is not the reward. Serving them to Serve God is.

There are so many that have no house, no job these days and I am so thankful for all that the Lord has supplied us. Thank You God for your Many Blessings, I cannot name them all but he knows each and everyone. I live with 3 of them!!

Stay tuned for more dryer turning moments from......


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