Friday, April 24, 2009


Well today is my day!! My wonderful friend Crystal live who lives right around the corner from me, has two boys who are close in age to mine. We both are blessed to stay at home, we have also learned can be difficult to keep it together. Literally I think when you stay at home the house is SO much more messy than if NO ONE was there. Makes sense...right!
TV time is great with a 4, 3, 2 & 1 year old!
With the idea from my other friends Adria & Megan who did this system also. We choose 2 days a month (we try every month) and one week I watch the 4 boys while she cleans her house. Then next week I GET to CLEAN and she watches the boys!!!
Little Boys playing together- parallel play still... haha
We are so blessed that our boys LOVE each other. They play wonderful together.
*We pack a lunch for the other mom so she doesn't have to fix extra lunches.
*We usually clean from 9-noon or 1 if we are lucky!!
Then when the boys go back home the take a nap- they are usually worn out!
BIG boys playing Doctor
Let me tell you, the first time we did it.... I was a mad woman moving through the house like a F5 tornado. Cannot believe how fast and all I got accomplished ALONE!! There are just some things I cannot do with the kids here. For example C the toilet splashing toddler would wonder why does she get to play in the potty when I get a spanking for splashing all the water out? And T has NEVER missed all those thousands of McD's toys I throw away every time he leaves the house. Granted they do sleep each day I get a lot accomplished when they nap each day....but that is when the sleep at the same time or for small little daily jobs- dishes, laundry, etc.
Anyway today is my LUCKY day!!
It is my turn.
So off to go clean.....

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I always wished for a friend to trade days with me. Finally gave up and enrolled my kids in MDO, but I think I would have preferred your option!