Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Could I PLEASE just have a spoon??

Recently I have had a few run-ins with spoon problems. First, B & I had a date night. Stopped by the Local Sonic. When she brought my Hot Fudge Sundae....mmmm yummm. The girl handed B the ice cream and said " Sorry we are out of spoons." WHAT??? My quick thinking husband said "Could you bring her a fork!" with a laugh. Why did they NOT tell us that when we ordered. Luckily he ordered his favorite Chocolate Milk Shake with Carmel.

Then on our six hour drive to see my parents for Easter, we stopped at a McD's in the lovely toll road in OK. I once again ordered a Hot Fudge Sunday. The girl looked at me and said " Would you like a spoon?" As my jaw dropped to the counter top I said " No, that is okay I will wait until it melts then drink it!" She said "OK" HELLO!!!! or as I like to say "Mc FLY" (those of you back to the future watchers will catch it) This guy in line behind me was laughing uncontrollably and said " you almost did not get one."

One more..... Today I went to our local McD's and ordered this..... ICED Hazelnut Coffee. The lady responded on the intercom "would you like it hot or cold?" Can I get another HELLO???
As I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue I said " Iced Please" Instead of saying "Please make that Iced coffee hot so it can melt the ice" By the way YES the Iced coffee is great at McD's.

Maybe God is just trying to tell me "Thou shalt not eat Hot Fudge Sundays & Hazelnut coffee"

OK- your turn tell me what crazy things you have run into in public places???



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, Mollie...that is funny. Who eats sundaes without spoons??? And who makes iced coffee hot?

Seriously, you had some opportunity for sarcasm. I doubt I would have been able to bite my tongue.

mandy Keith said...

That story is so true and so funny! Fast food places can make you crazy sometimes! Thanks for the laugh and thanks for sharing!