Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Doggy Named Jesus?

Yes, we have a doggy named Jesus that lives at our house. I love to tell this story because it is just so innocent and a "out of the mouth of babes" situation. We were trying to get T into a big boy bed before the arrival of C. So, we thought if he had a few friends to sleep with that would help. I grabbed a few puppy dogs out of the toy box....and ended up starting a litter for him to sleep with.

I told him each one would sleep with him and keep him company in his new "big" bed. So, we needed to name them. The first one was easy- he was brown and had a tag that said "Charley". The next one was little and so that one he refers to as the baby puppy. (My husband's best friend's name is Charlie and his wife is Jill.) He named the baby puppy Jill. Then on to the little spotted one. Since he was only 2 at the time, I had to help him along the way. I mentioned that it had spots or patches of different colors. We named him Patches. Last dog that we needed a name for was white and soft- he said she was the mama puppy. I told him "what do you think the best name for a mama puppy would be?" He said "Jesus". I said "Well, OK that is a man's name, but I guess if that is the name you like." He said " Yes because I Love Jesus just like I Love you mama." sniff sniff...."Thank You baby, I know you love me but I want you to love Jesus in heaven MORE than me- OK." I had no other response. He said "OK" with at puzzled look.

Jesus the Puppy

Anyway, I told you that to tell you this story.

His first few weeks of pre-school, he was having a hard time getting up and getting with it in the morning. He was very clingy as are most little ones. One morning he asked if he could take Jesus to school with him? I said well probably not. Thinking Jesus would get all germy and then he would need a bath before bed....(my ocd kicking in). He said with tears in his eyes " mama I really want Jesus to sleep with me at school." " Well, OK" I said. "You must keep him in your cubby until nap time otherwise he will get dirty."
We headed for school with Jesus and a BIG smile!

When we arrived I told one of the teachers that this is Jesus the Dog and he will stay in the cubby until nap time. She smiled and said of course. I left a Happy Kid and Jesus the Dog-in the cubby.

That afternoon when I arrived to pick him up another teacher told me the sweetest story. As I was gathering him up and all of his belongings out of his cubby. She started to smile and said "at nap time he said he needed Jesus to sleep with him." She responded by telling him " He is, he is with us all right now- go to sleep and rest." He looked puzzled and said "No, I really need him so I can hold him right now." She sweetly responded " Yes, I know but he is holding you, and he loves you and he is right here with us." Then T said to her " No he is my puppy in my cubby!" She went to his cubby and looked there was Jesus waiting for his nap. She got the biggest kick out of that.

T with Jesus watching over him and holding Jill & Patches

And just like the puppy in the cubby, Jesus in heaven is waiting for us to come and draw near to him. He sleeps with T every time he is in bed. I know that Jesus in Heaven is watching out and giving T comfort.

Do your children have a favorite thing to sleep with?

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That is so stinkin' sweet!

My favorite thing to sleep with is John who sometimes pretends to be Jesus...with a little "j".