Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Giving

Today I got a chance to clean out some clothes. C slept for 3 1/2 hours (praise the Lord) and T was at pre-school. I have been needing to sort through a few things. We are having a "new" boy cousin soon. So, I needed to get some things together for J & J. They will welcome baby T in a few weeks.

I was sorting through ALL the Rubbermaid containers of baby boy clothes, getting so sad. As I would pick up an outfit- I would think back to the time when my little babies wore it. Thank Goodness I take a ton of pictures. I have almost a picture of them in all of my "favorite" outfits. Therefore I did not feel bad that they would have a new owner.

I also sorted out some of the clothes for the homeless shelter. As I was looking at all of these clothes, I was thinking " Why am I hanging on to these?" I really don't think I am going to have anymore children? I have left that up to God. But, really I had SO many left over after I put some in a box for our cousin. Why let these sit up in a dirty dusty attic- when there are children in our community with NO clothes or maybe what is just on their back.

Well, that just opened up a whole NEW can of worms- or shall I say Rubbermaid boxes! Maternity Clothes??? I had 8 lie.....of Maternity Clothes!!! I had bought some myself, but then as friends would stop having babies.... I would get MORE clothes!!!

Most of them the wrong season for me- but I just hung on to them. I set a Goal. I will try to get 3 out of the 8 boxes. It took me two hours total to get all this done. I did it. I met my goal and now have plenty of empty Rubbermaid boxes. Plus, I called a girl up that we go to church with- she and her hubby are expecting baby # 1 in six weeks. Gave her a few blouses & dresses to get her through.

The 5 bags of Maternity clothes I have to give away will go to the Hannah center- for Abortion Minded Clients who get counseling. They gave me 2 free ultrasounds (to teach others and practice) when I was preggo with C. It is awesome to see that little baby inside of you....even if it looks like an alien at the moment. And the Ministry that it is a blessing to give someone an ultrasound to let them see that God does not make mistakes even if we do sometimes.

Today I felt so good to get things cleaned out. Plus to think of all the people who NEED these things more than me. I don't know HOW my attic was not falling through the ceiling?? With 16 boxes total with clothes just sitting waiting for someone to wear.

I prayed over the clothes after I bagged them all up and asked the Lord to Bless and touch every one's life who comes across these clothes. Then I thanked him for blessing me with the clothes either that had been given to me or that we were blessed to have the money to buy them.

" Give and it will be given unto you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Luke 6:38

P.S. Praise and Worship Music is the BEST for sorting clothes. hahahaha


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