Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, after a lot of prayer and thought I finally have taken the step.... I created my own blog. Here it is.....

I hope to give Glory to God, Laughter to people, send prayers for those in need, and last but certainly not about my boys!!!

Here I go on this journey. I have enjoyed following other blogs and learning more about them. This is a great way for my family near and far to see and hear about the moments that we have as a family.

I enjoy sharing funny and crazy stories of the past. Much to long to add to facebook in a note. My joy in life is to see others smile and laugh. I believe God has given me a different kind of sense of humor some may think is crazy and others love me for it. I absolutely love to see people laugh so hard they cry. Those of you who know the family I grew up in- will agree I get it honest!!

So hang on for the ride and we can laugh together!!


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