Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is there NO Rest for the Weary???

OK, you get ready to go to bed and you hear this.....

Well it is too often these days at my house.

Seems like just the other day my husband & I were discussing HOW different 2 kids from the same mom & dad can be.......OURS??? You could lay T down to sleep he would cry then sleep all night. You lay C down don't hear a peep then all the sudden this blood curdling scream in the middle of the night- the kind that makes you jump 5 feet off your bed!!

When T was little he would sleep 14 hour nights!! I thought those people who told me.." get plenty of rest now, when the baby gets here you won't get any!" They knew nothing.

Then C came along!!! HELLO to NO sleep!! He would sleep maybe 4 hours at the most the first year of his life. Then all the sudden when he was 16 months old he started sleeping all night!! Whoo Hoo!! I thought this was great....then I could not sleep or if I got more than 4-5 hours I was too tired??

My sleeping is so messed up now. Luckily, C has got me straightened back out.....because he once again is not sleeping??? He is up at 12 & 5 or 1 & 6. When we went for his 15 month check-up I got the whole " he really needs to be off the bottle by now." talk. I agree I had T off by one. But, just when he started to sleep all night- Heck NO Man- I ain't changin' nothin'!!!

Plus, You come and tell this red headed kid at night time he can't have his bottle-we'll see who wins??

He had a ear infection last week. I am sure that is why he got started back- plus he has gotten 2 new teeth in the last few days. He has in fact given up on the passy on his own!!! Praise the Lord!! Nothing like seeing a kid going to Kindergarten with at passy, although C might still be on the bottle??

Any advice for getting off the bottle this late in the game?? Or getting him to sleep??


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Courtney Goodwin said...

Hey your blog is so cute! I love reading it. I not real sure what to do about the bottle situation with clay! Thats a tough one. Does he take one during the day at all or is it just at night? We will be coming to library next week. This week Leyton had the worst ear infection he has ever had. So we will see yall Tuesday. Cant Wait!!! My email addy is