Friday, April 17, 2009

Do You have one of These??


It is amazing how night and day two kids can be. T could not even climb on the couch until he was about 18 months. C found out he could climb in a chair- next thing I know he is on the table. He scattered flash cards everywhere and showed that table who was boss!

He is our Climber!! He has even tried to climb into his crib.

He will not stay in his highchair.....always standing up. Now he has figured out if the tray is off- he can climb up into it. Go Figure?

In fact I have found him sitting on the toilet- backwards.
Early potty-training I hope. Just walked in and there he was.

I was putting Laundry in the dryer- just turned my head for a moment.
There he was in the drawer of the stove. Thank the Lord it was not on!!
Let's just say he like to just check things out. Seems like every time we got visit somewhere the comment is always "you have your hands full!" I Love It!!
And I love him for who he is. I know one day it will all make sense to me when he comes home and says "mom when I grow up I want to be a ........." Until then I just remove him from his danger zone and put him back on two feet, after taking pictures of course.
Do you have a climber? If so where do the venture to climb?

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