Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 more... WHAT??

Ok so the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday....that means 6 more weeks of winter- which means 6 more weeks of the following things in my life!!

I am NOT a winter person- If is snows, it is nice- as long as it melts soon!! Give me a beach & a towel and I am a happy person!! I am a BIG fan of the large yellow thing in the sky!!

~Winter for me means....Jeans...UGH- I heart Capri's!! I am very excited since I have dropped 2 sizes this winter...that I get to buy new Capri's!! Always a good reason to shop!! Wait that means I have to shave my legs more....hmmm.....shave it or braid it?? HAHA That was for you Katja!! I knew that would make you laugh!!

~Humidifiers... filling them up with water each night- buying filters, and keeping them clean!! Ugh...just one more thing to clean!! From the day I turn on the heater, until the day it goes off- they run at night when my kids sleep. Helps with little noses & throats!!

~ In door play time....getting old- VERY OLD!!!! Two boys inside.....I finally have caved on our new rule....NO RUNNING!!! You just cannot make boys not run...when they can't do it outside. And the board games, puzzles, coloring books...etc...are getting OLD!!

~Dog can sleep outside....The large crate in the kitchen that is an eye sore and not to mention another thing for C to climb on!! Maizie the new dog will be able to sleep in our backyard- due to the NEW fence we are getting built next week!!
Can't wait- this spring & summer will be a lot more fun to play outside in the backyard with me not being concerned about the HIGHWAY traffic and little boys who are faster than their mama!!

~Jackets, Coats, hats & gloves.....where do I it the buttoning & zipping up, then adjusting seat belts in the car due to the thickness of the coat!! Then where do you put them- we have no coat closet- they go in our closets....well I finally found a new place....FINALLY (watch for it next month- in my organizing month) by the back door- so they don't all pile up!!

~Less laundry....maybe- seems like I have to do MORE loads due to all the long sleeve shirts, jeans & layers of clothes that we wear during the winter months!!

~ Boring Lunches.... Spring & Summer months we LOVE to go on a picnic to the lake, park, or just a picnic in the yard!! LOVE to do this!! And lay on the blanket and talk about the clouds and enjoy the creation our Lord has blessed us with!!

On a side friend Renee informed me that Ned Perme the most famous trusted meteorologist in Arkansas....said- due to all the camera flashes, and news crews- he said with the cloud cover that he would not have seen his shadow. And in AR...what Ned says....GOES!!! I hope & pray he is right!! I am so ready for Spring!! Already looking for cute little outfits for Easter!!

What about you- what are you looking forward to in the Spring & Summer months to come??



Stacy said...

girl i'm with u! so ready for spring/summer!!!

~Bekah said...

OH I'M SOO READY FOR SPRING/SUMMER! I hate the winter!!! but i also hate being hot so if i could be like 60-75 all year, i'd be great! shelby is hot-natured like her momma so it's AWFUL to dress her and keep her cool/warm at the same time and I'M SICK OF HUMIDIFIERS, SUCTION BULB, SALINE NOSE SPRAY, VICKS, AND WIPIN A NEVER-ENDING NOSE DRIP!!!

kwallocha said...

Shave them legs, girl! ;)