Monday, February 1, 2010

Hair Today to Help

Ok, I have read a lot of helpful blogs from time to time- and I am always thinking.....I sure wish I could help people out. All I feel I write about is my life & kids!!

So, this MONTH- I am HAIR for YOU!!! (that was kinda corny!! know me- whole kernel!!)

Send me your questions in the comment box about HAIR or NAILS.....I will try my best to give you the best advice.

I was a FULL-TIME hairstylist for 10 years before I decided to stay at home with the boys. I loved my job- felt as if it was a God given talent. I knew from the age of 8- That is what I wanted to do!!

Now, looking back over the years- I don't think I made the best choice for my hair....home perms. home hair cuts- mostly bang trims....Oh My!!!

Those days are behind us- so now we can move on with our new styles!!

I am going to link to Kelly's Blog about styles...Friday Show Us How You live....that is what pretty much gave me the idea to do HAIR POSTS!!!

I will use as many pictures as I can- Video if possible, just kinda too long!!

Feel Free to ask ANY QUESTIONS- I will share my honest opinion!!



~Bekah said...

so i need a new, manageble, long look.. :( i don't look right w/ short do's.. PLEASE HELP!!

Ginger said...

Yeah I need a new do too. I am not one to spend time on my hair wash it at night & may blow dry it if it is to cold to go to bed wet. I think the last time I got it cut was like june or July after Josiah threw up in it one morning & I didn't get to wash it until Trey came home from work that night. I have thought I about asking you before but we both always have a million things going on at church.

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