Monday, February 22, 2010

Button..Button...who wants a Button??

My real life friend Bekah....who we go to church with....super sweetie pie!! She is also a very crafty & creative person!!! She made a Button for her blog the other of course.....I HAD TO HAVE ONE TOO!!!!!

So, the great friend that she is......she made me one!!!! She did it in a SNAP- check it out!!!! If you read her blog on the post she got her button- you could do your own...or if not she might be able to help you!!!
If you want to add it to your BLOG- help yourself. It is over on the right side of my blog. Just go to your layout and add it as a Gadget!!
I just love it- it is me.....simple yet- sassy!!! What do you think. She is super smart & I could have NEVER figured it out myself!!! Gotta Love a girl who is cute with brains!!