Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mid-Length Hair style

My friend Ginger who is also a new mommy....funny all the new mom's have all these hair do dilemmas!! Any mom can understand ladies!!
Ginger has an oval face like mine & you can not wear just any hairstyle with a long face. Mine seems like the more kids I have...the more chins I get....the longer my face gets....better stop while I am ahead!! Ginger's on the other hand, is a oval and narrow- skin chin!! Lucky you!!
Ginger here are some pictures I have found for you....
I really like this Kelly one- mostly for the length....you are probably wanting to keep it longer to pull up when you are home with your little man? If not here is a shorter cut of the same thing!
Who doesn't love Reese....Oh she can wear any style. Her face is long and narrow like Gingers. This is my very favorite....it shows a shorter or longer style but shorter bangs.....bangs are up to a preference of the person. I think LONG bangs would look good on Ginger.
If YOU don't like it to flip out....then try this way- UNDER....same style just different model.
So there you have it Ginger this is mostly the same hairstyle. I would call it a mid-length to short long layered look on top, and shorter layers towards the bottom. Easy to style- especially if you flip it out....sleep on it wet- the you are good to go!! Just kidding!
I am doing a how to on my style tomorrow- so watch for tips on that!! I have a similar style & it is super easy.....any mom who spends 2 hours on their hair and make-up is must have built-in babysitters or nanny's. Not most of the mom's I know?? I spend about 30 minutes tops!!
So what do you think Ginger do you like any of these??
Mandy you are next!!


Ginger said...

Yeah I like them, I have used pics of Reese before when I went to get a cut. Now to find some one to cut my hair, any suggestions there? The last person was some one that i just called up out of the phone book. Lets just say that my brother nailed it when he said my hair looked like a teenage boy. Well the other person I have used is in ElDorado and on maturnity leave.

Ginger said...

oh and Trey said he liked them too :)