Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten Things on the 10th

I missed Kelly's linky party for this- so I thought I would save it for my 10 things!!

Simple Pleasures.....

1. Sweet Tea with a slice of lemon

2. Slip on shoes.....don't know when I got so lazy- LOVE flip flops!!

3. Snuggling each morning and again at nap time with the boys- we might sit in the rocking chair in our PJ's for an hour?? When B is home on the weekends- we all snuggle in bed- which turns into a tickle fest!

4. Tickle time with to hear then laugh!! C says "try again" when he wants you to do it that!!

5. A car ride alone with my husband...very rare these days. We do love to hold hands while we are driving somewhere- kids or no kids!

6. Date Night with my baby's daddy!!

7. Picnic in the yard.
8. The smell of clean sheets.....that would be Monday nights....Sheets are washed on Mondays!!

9. A shopping alone......with a stop by to get a cold coffee!! Iced Mocha or Mocha Frap!!
10. The kiss of my children's lips on my cheek!! Priceless.....know I better take them while I can get them- from boys!!

Go over to Mer's blog and see what her 10 things are.....and link to others from there!! Thanks Mer!!



Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

What a great list. Simple pleasures are the best!

Melissa said...

Simple things are the best!

O Mom said...

Love slip on shoes too, especially the flip flops. And shopping ALONE is such a treat!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I only buy slip on shoes these days. Haven't owned a pair of shoes "with backs" on them in 5 years!

Great list, Mollie.

I'd add: clean sheets, a full pantry, and the sound of children laughing.

Carpool Queen said...

Little boy kisses are the best, aren't they?

(And I'm impressed with your sheet washing discipline....)

Anonymous said...

I love the snuggling and the sweet kisses from my babies.

I always INTEND to wash the sheets on the same day every week.

Sweet tea with lemon...nothing beats it!

It really is the simple things, isn't it?