Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thick & Curly hair

Continuing with the "Hair for you" month of hair FAQ....Here is the answer to Mandy my friend who has two beautiful little girls!! Mandy's hair is THICK and Curly. and mid-length to long. Here Mandy is pregnant with her youngest daughter & holding her oldest daughter- she is a super sweet mother to her babies!!

So my ideas are here......
I love Kate's hair- It always looks wind blown....yet perfect. I think her key is LONG layers and GOOD product!! Here bangs are grown out and so she can always pull them back. You could have side bangs- but unless you plan on wearing your hair straight all the time I would not have FULL bangs across the front.

Just like Kate- this model had the soft curls. Key to soft curls that don't get frizzy....PRODUCT!! There are so many on the market I cannot begin to suggest for each and every curl. But definitely to some anti-frizz or defining curl cream.

I would also use a diffuser for curly hair it looks like this.......You work your curls through the teeth of the diffuser and place it on your scalp- use HIGH heat then your cold shot to hold in the curl. It will make your curls more defined!!

I think since your hair is cut shorter now Mandy...I like this look best....then you can always straighten it too- It might be easier to wear it curly though??
Here is a shorter look in the same style on Sarah Jessica. I love the way her bangs are. And how easy would this length be?? When I had a BIG was so easy to just throw some gel in it diffuse until mostly dry and rum out the door!!Another key to curly hair- is to keep it conditioned!!

Then if you hair started looking like this......Well, there is always the CHI!!!!
Ok Mandy what do you think??


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