Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fence-

Well as I showed in LAST Funny Friday- we have a NEW FENCE!! A fence was needed for a few reasons.....
It is basic and wooden, cheaper than a chain-link. But it does the job!! Just what we needed!!

#1 reason NEW PUPPY MAIZIE. Her safety and my need for her to be outside. It is still cold and she still gets to come inside to sleep....naps & night time. But when you are trying to eat and she is in the kitchen barking- because you make her stay behind the baby gate.....otherwise she will eat the food out of the kids hands!! She needs to be out when we eat. She has plenty of toys to play with and lots of room to run- not to mention a covered porch!! She has been OUTSIDE for a week and a half now.....she is so happy- I watch her out the window and she will bounce and play with a blowing cute!!

#2 reason.....C- he is fast and so quick that it is almost dangerous. We love to play outside and when I am helping T with something- C... seeing it as an advantage to make a run for it. Not because he is BAD....because he is NOT....he is just curious- and QUICK!!!

The other day we were playing out in the yard and T was with me, I was helping him with something. The dog was over across the yard and C was.......well where was C........Oh yeah- THE MAILBOX!!!! My famous last words.... "let's go get the paper" he headed to the mailbox!! The cars driving by were thinking Oh no that boy is in trouble!!! I was sprinting out to the black box on the side of the road......snatched him up and spanked him right then and there!! Then set him back down and said "NO...NO MAILBOX!!!" And tried to explain to him If a bad person saw you they would take you away from you want that?? "YES" he said....he has no clue!!! Not to mention getting hit by a car....UGH!!! Nightmares for me....crazy people drive 75 down our road and the speed limit is 55MPH!!! Fast enough in front of my house!!

We BADLY NEEDED A that very day- I sent B a text...said I AM CALLING A FENCE COMPANY TODAY!!!!! His response......MAKE SURE IT HAS A GATE BIG ENOUGH FOR MY TRACTOR!!!

Next day the Fence guy Brian came and with-in a week it was up and done!!! Great Job Brian!!

I wish I had a picture of the guy Brian who did the great job on the fence. He wears a brown felt cowboy hat, with a wide brim. We also have a brown hat- but ours is from VBS last year....kinda like an Australian hat.....Ok with all that in mind.

T was watching him out the window NON-STOP and giving me a play by play of every nail!!! He then walks in the room with his brown hat on and asks me "M'am.....would you like me to bulid you a fence??" in his deep manly voice!! Oh I thought I was gonna roll in the floor laughing!! He is so funny....I have no clue where he gets it from???

So what do you think?? Like the fence??


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Sandi said...

Love the fence . . . and the story m'am. LOL!