Monday, February 15, 2010

Fun in the SNOW!!

Yes it is true...we got snow in the South!!! We could not believe it ourselves. A few weeks ago it was BIG FLAKES.....but not enough to even dust the ground hardly. The boys went outside and ran around- but they were very disappointed that they didn't get to PLAY in it!!

This time it snow a lot more.....and decided to stick around for awhile!!

C was in Awe of the white stuff as it fell from the sky- he just would wave his hands around and try to catch it!! I told them both- if they took a good nap....then they could go play in it!! Mean I know!! So when C woke up from his nap he said " I go ketch no!!" Right you are buddy!!

This was C's first time to get to play in snow....last snow storm he was only 3 months old- and T was 2! It doesn't snow much here- and when they say it is going to SNOW, it is usually wrong or barely snows!!

C's just stood there and ATE the snow. He would pick up a piece and then lick it until it was gone....he would look up at me and say "I eat da's icee!!" He loves Icee's so- same thing just no flavor right?
It was also a FIRST for Maizie the dog....thought I was gonna loose her in the snow a couple of times- but she was too busy pulling the boys "globs" off their hands and running away with them. Then as I would reach down and get the gloves....she would grab my scarf!! Oh what a puppy!!

It snowed about 10 hours!! Funny thing though- it still was not a whole lot. Enough for some good snow balls!! T was all about throwing snowballs at me & C!! That was fun until he hit my camera!!

When I was growing up in never snowed much- but when it did was gone the next day! Unfortunately same thing happened here. We had to leave early Friday morning- so we didn't get to play in it again on Friday!!It was fun while it lasted though!!

Did you get to play in the snow?? Have you ever heard of snow ice cream?? I never had until I moved to AR....HA! Seems like it must be a south thing!!


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Kecia said...

We lived in Virginia when I was a kid, and got a lot of snow, and I used to l-o-v-e snow ice cream! Wish it would snow when we're here!