Friday, February 19, 2010

Funny Friday

Here's my NEW FENCE......NEW CLOTHES LINE.....all in one!!!

My drying rack I have had for 10+ years decided to I had no other choice. I cannot dry B's jeans in the dryer.....they might shrink. Not to mention I can ONLY wash 2 pairs at time in a super capacity washer!! It is hard to come by a 42x40 size jeans so don't want them to shrink!!! So I had no resort....just had to throw them over the edge of our new fence!!
Next thing I know I am going to hear Jeff Foxworthy say "you might be a redneck hang your jeans out to dry on the brand new fence!!"
Nothing like paying GOOD money to have a fence built to hang your clothes on and keep the spoiled dog in the house!! Thanks Renee....good point!! HA!!


1 comment:

~Bekah said...

that is soo funny!!! love it! hey, just think of it this way, you're getting MORE USE outta your fence so you're gettin more than your money's worth! :)
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