Thursday, February 4, 2010

Home Haircuts

What is a week of dryer spins without a picture of my kids?

Here is T's first haircut when he was 9 months old....look at what a BIG BOY he was!! I was looking for these pictures on my many cd's of pictures....cannot believe how much he has grown- but still how BIG he was then too!! These pictures were taken at my mom's house Easter weekend 2006!! To think I have a beauty shop in my backyard...just had to wait for someone to hold the baby & of course....grandparent paparazzi & video taping!!
Poor C- I cannot find his I know it was at Easter 2008?? Just can find that folder on the many many cd's of pictures I have of my children!! Honestly, it took me a half a week to find these two!! I will have to sit C down when he is older and explain, I was a second child too-there are probably 5 of my sister per ONE picture of me!! I know I took some of his first haircut too!?!?
I am just glad for the modern convenience of pictures on CD- I got a digital camera right before T was born!!! Oh my, what I would have done if they weren't digital!!
By the end of this month- I am going to FIND that picture of my redhead and his first hair-cut!!
Until then look for more of these HAIR posts....Hair 101- things you need to know when you go get a haircut, Home Haircuts & know how, Bang trims, the true/false of professional products, and of course more questions answered from you- the reader...
If you have any questions about Hair....please leave a comment below!!

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