Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our weekend....get-a-way

As I mentioned Friday, we went to Eureka Springs this weekend!!! Here is a look at all the FUN we had!! First we dropped the boys off on Friday morning at MiMi's & BoBo's.....you can tell they were all broken hearted and torn up about it!!! HA!! Then we headed out for a 7 hour drive by ourselves....OH MY....no DVD players (to switch out movies while you are bending over the front seat backwards) No childrens books to read, snacks to pass out....NO DIAPERS to change on the side of the Road.....I can go on and on!!! We are pros for traveling with kids....we go to my parents in Oklahoma- every other month....6 hours in the car!!! YIPEE!!!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat lunch in Conway....first thing B said to me was "you get T I'll get C!" when we got out of the car!! Kinda feels empty handed walking into restaurant with out my bag of TRICKS in my hand....colors, puzzles, cards, etc....to keep kids entertained while waiting on food!!

We finally arrived in Eureka Springs at 4:30....and to this wonderful VIEW.......I will give you a moment.......AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Here is our Cabin at Lake Shores.....I highly recommend it for couples...get-a-way....or honeymoon!!! It was super nice. There was a guest book- many families met there and girl friends for a weekend away too!!! It sleeps about 8-10 but we only rented the TOP half.

Then we walked into the Cabin and THIS is the view from the back porch, living room, bathroom- there is NO GETTING AWAY from the breath taking view!!!

We went to Branson the next day- did a little shopping, it was only about an hour away.....another breath taking drive. I do have to admit- the ears popping got old!! I have the worst ears in the world....from damage as a child from ear infections and too many rock concerts as a young adult!!! So I was popping my ears about every mile that we drove....B had to like once or twice. So, I was ready to get out of all the ROLLING HILLS!!!

Anyway, on our way driving around Branson there were all these "old time photos" to get your picture made in the western clothes. I have always wanted to do this....knowing it would be WAY out of B's comfort zone. We walked into the first place.....B walked in and said "ok ya ready to go?" Immediately I thought OH WELL!!! We walked back to the truck and he said...."that place looked like a bag of fleas were in the pockets of all the clothes!!" HA!! It really was bad- only had about 5 outfits to choose from. And the guy taking pictures look like he stumbled in off the back steps!!
So I was bummed thinking my dream of the old time photo was OUT!! Then on the way back to Eureka Springs he said "I think there is a photo place we passed over there!" He knew I REALLY wanted to do it.....I am like a kid when it comes to dressing up....It is too much FUN!!
So we did....and they had it going on- even had clothes to FIT B!!!! Here they are...don't we look like we could star in John Wayne movies or what?? It was so much fun- we would try something on and laugh...and then look in the mirror and laugh at each other!! It was so much fun- and I would not have wanted to do it with anyone else but him!! I love to watch him laugh- and he loves to see me happy!!

Sunday morning before we left I was trying to get a good picture of US- with the great view behind us. For some reason my flash and self timer were not cooperating....so I had to take my own picture while B was warming up the truck- then I was not going to work on it that much...the wind was picking up and it was only about 27 degrees!! BRRRR!! So this is what I ended up with.....
Then I walked through the cabin and took these pictures.....
Living Room...back porch view

Jacuzzi Tub and the VIEW again!!!

Bedroom......loved all the rustic furniture and LOG CABIN feel!!!

The Kitchen.....that we only made coffee in it......when I go on vacation- I DON'T COOK!!!
I could not wait to get back to the boys and get some big hugs & kisses!! When we got to MiMi's & BoBo's they were standing at the door- and my eyes were filled with tears!! I was over come with JOY....I love them and I love their daddy even more. I know that if we don't get away and spend time together like this we will not be connected when the boys leave the house and are grown. So I feel it is important to spend time with my husband. And refocus on goals and dreams for the future!! BIG THANKS TO MIMI & BOBO!!!
When we got home it was almost too late for a nap....so I just sat and rocked them and we watched movies together!! I kept kissing them and loving on them- T finally told me "that is enough- we are all together and we love you!!"


~Bekah said...

BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL! what a great valentines day you two had! :) love ya

Kecia said...

Beautiful--we need to go there!