Saturday, February 27, 2010

Silly Saturday

Oh is times like these when I wish I had not given up Facebook for make people laugh and my unpredictable child!!!

I was finishing up my hair in the bathroom one morning- put Handy Manny in the dvd player. I thought it would keep the table climbing kid still JUST FOR A MOMENT. Did I mention that his new trick is not just climb on the table now.....but stand and reach for the ceiling fan string and pull it!! Yes, Lovely next thing ya know he will be HANGING FROM IT!!! Cannot tell you how many times I have spanked him for getting on the table.....KID NEVER LEARNS!!!

So, now that he has this new trick- IF I LEAVE THE ROOM.....he makes a beeline for the dining room table. Handy Manny usually works. USUALLY key word here!!

Oh but WAIT....just when you think he is all out of TRICKS..... he can now OPEN A CHILD PROOF LOCK!!!! Not only is he a very talented climber....but a lock picker too!!! Oh, I hope and pray this is all leading to some where good for his future. Not and escapee artist!!

What cabinet does every mother usually have LOCKED UP?? Yep you guessed it- UNDER THE KITCHEN SINK....why?? All the cleaning supplies....right??

Well, guess which one slick Rick choose to open up?? You guessed it!! As I am finishing my hair and spraying, putting in my touches until we leave to run errands- I glance in the living room. And for a second look I see C is not there- but T like his ANGEL self is just sitting watching Manny & his tools work!

So, I immediately go on the HUNT.....if C is is dangerous. I look into the kitchen!!! Oh my!!! I see him kneeling in the kitchen floor with glass cleaner in one hand and a multi-purpose cleaner in the next. He is squirting the WHOLE FLOOR!!! As I pick up the pace to get to him I start saying "NO..NO...C put those down....stop spraying!!!"

He sees me and starts standing up then like a crazy man starts double fisting and pumping the triggers on the handles like he is pumping for GOLD!!! He then seeing I am moving toward him quicker- DROPS the slow bottle and starts double fisting one!!! He is all at the same time looking at me and moving all around the kitchen!

Once I arrived in the kitchen.....overwhelmed by FUMES!!! I am glad I had enough thought to tip toe through the NEW RIVER in the FLOOR!!! Otherwise I think I would have busted it BIG TIME!!!. The floor was slick as snot!! He looks up at me and says in his sweet voice "I KLEEN!"

I reached for the cleaner and said "NO we don't do this!!" As I sent him to the chair- I looked around.....the WHOLE KITCHEN....WALLS......CABINETS......FRIDGE....FLOOR!!!! Sparkling clean with streaks!!! I took my eyes off him for 3-5 minutes tops???

Then I went and talked to him before he received his punishment. I asked him "Do you know what you did in the kitchen and getting into the cabinet and squirting the cleaner all over everything was wrong....yes or no?" He then looks at me and says "yes or no!" Oh my!!! He all at the same time is giggling and smiling!!!

Then I asked differently with a firm voice and straight face...."Did you learn that we don't do this?" He looked at me with those sweet blue eyes...."uh.....I learned about Jesus!" I had to keep from smiling...this is the answer he gives us every time we leave church- I will ask the boys what they learned?? All at the same time I was thinking.....Kid you are gonna see Jesus sooner if you don't stop doing this stuff!! I made him sit there a little longer as part of his punishment....which is punishment for him- he likes to GO!!!

As I was cleaning it all up and wiping everything down, I had to laugh when the thought of my friend Stacy and her little girl came to mind. Look at her post HERE from a few weeks ago. I pray each day for my kids and their future spouses. I thought- hmmmm what would happen if these two got together!!!Now wouldn't that be a pair!!! She likes to draw....he likes to clean!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!!

P.S. Good thing I use Melaluca products.....they are natural & safe for kids to be around!!

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