Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Heroes!!!

On our trip to Eureka Springs last week......we had to bring back souvenirs.......I figured the boys would enjoy something to play with instead of a t-shirt that said "my parents left me @ my grandparents while they got me this shirt in Eureka Springs Arkansas!"

So the first place we stopped to eat....Cracker Barrel....mmmmm Chicken & dumplings!!! They have a gift shop in the front. Well, I was looking around and saw these super cute super hero capes. I had a BLUE one and a RED one in my hand ready to buy.....for only $12.99- what a DEAL!!! They love to wear their PJ's with superman & batman....but they are shorts- so this would be perfect since we are still couped up inside due to the cold weather!!

Then along came B.....I showed them to him......he turned up his nose and said "Mama what are you thinking....look here these are batman & spiderman reversible!! Get these instead!!" You know women have no clue when it comes to super heroes!! I placed the PLAIN blue & red capes back on the rack.

I then took Batman & Spiderman capes to the check out and proceeded to pay.......then she told me and absurd amount of money to pay her.....I looked at B and said how much were those Chicken & Dumplings. The poor cashier looked puzzled as I asked her how much everything was.....she informed me that the capes were $24.99 because they were the Batman & Spiderman instead of the PLAIN RED & BLUE!!!! Ugh!!! I looked at him and said "well??" He gave me that head know...go ahead!!! So here they are OUR HEROES!!! They love them and run around the house all day everyday with guns some times too- cowboy hats too!!!

T told me the other day..... "I am a good hero.....I will save you from the BAD GUYS MAMA!!!"

C likes to growl and show his teeth.....guess that makes him the bad guy?? I already know I got my money's worth out of the cute little capes!!



Sandi said...

Totally worth it!! I love it when little guys try to talk in a deep voice or growl. Too cute!!

Stacy said...

so cute! love the spiderman side!! really cool!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...


FYI--I find some of the BEST gifts at Cracker Barrel. They have GREAT stuff! And the food is pretty good too!

Tami said...

How adorable. I just love your boys and miss them so much!