Friday, February 12, 2010

Show us your life...favorite date

Well, as you are reading this we are on our way to a "date weekend" in Eureka Springs AR. My husband is a truck driver and I stay at home with our two boys- so we definitely have to take a break once in awhile to catch up on ourselves- conversations at the dinner table about pre-school life is all we get...unless we get away!!

Seems like we are always so busy in the summer- July 30th (1999)- when our wedding anniversary is? So we tend to take a anniversary trip in the winter months.

Last year we went on a weekend was fun!! We just laughed and carried on like two kids in love for the first time....all over again! We are hoping this weekend is a repeat!!

So, If I had to PICK my FAVORITE DATE would be....OUR FIRST DATE!!!
We met when he was playing basketball in college & I was in beauty school. Oh those were the days look at this somethings get better with age...US!!! Hey Chick...stop tanning!

The date started after a game that they won....thank goodness!! We went to eat at an Italian restaurant, and then just drove around.....very odd for this city girl. When you live in the city you drive to GO somewhere.....when you live in the just DRIVE AROUND looking for something to do!! BIG DIFFERENCE.

Although driving around is not that bad- makes for great conversation ideas. Although in Tulsa, OK...there is a stop light every mile- so that was definitely a topic!! Still his favorite to this day!! Not really, he cannot stand to STOP at a red light.....he likes to GO!!!
We really hit it off....both of us said "feels like I have known you my whole life!" We had been friends for months....his parents & my parents were becoming good friends too!!

It was time to take me home after our evening was over. I am so not into- PDA or kissing on the first date thing. So, I mentioned to him- to take the heat off the awkward standing at the door moment...Ugh...stressful for a young girl in love!!

Here is what I told him as we drove up to my parents house....."Hey let me just go inside and I will come around and flash the porch light, so you know I made it is cold and you can just stay in your truck." HAHA....bossy from the beginning was I?? He was just fine with it- and I think he was glad for the idea.....stressful for a young guy too!

So, as I ran to the front door of the house, unlocked the door- ran through the whole house....we had a very LONG house.....and the front door is opposite of the garage the the garage......flipped the switch a few times and He flashed his lights back!!

Well, from that day on....that is what we did.....It was our way of saying "I am ok...have a good night!" Then it turned into "Love You!" somewhere along the way!

When we got married and he was driving a truck we lived along a small town...very small town! And I would hear that Freightliner start down the highway- be at the front door and flash the he would flash his back- sometimes even blow the train horn.

Then we moved to the house we are in now- and when he leaves or comes in... I flash the carport lights.....and he flashs his back!!

Then the kids came along and I can remember like it was yesterday- when he left for the first time and came back when that little baby boy was in my arms and I flashing the lights and holding his little hand to wave at his daddy!

Then the boys grew up and they could barely reach the light switch and somewhere along the way they grew and grew and now BOTH of the usually take turns flashing the lights at daddy!!

We even have two doors now- and if he is going North....we have to RUN to the front door and get those lights flashing too!!

I guess when you do something just as simple as that....just to let someone know you are ok....turns into LOVE......and now is a family tradition- and it makes a hard days work soften the shoulders of our Big Daddy!!

Especially when he has been gone a few days in a row- to let him know we are here and waiting for you....arms opened wide. I know this is the same way our Heavenly Father wants us to be....shine a light for excited when we come into his house & live each day as if it were the FIRST day you fell in love with him!!

My motto is Live each day as if it is your never know when you give your husband & kids a hug....if that will be the last one you will ever share with them!! As the kids run to the other room after flashing the lights and I watch those red taillights fade into the distance....I pray that my husband will be protected by angels and come home again- I look forward to when he returns each and everyday!!

So that was our first date.....February 22, 1996......and here we are now.....

Still in love after all those years!! You cannot see him....but there is one very important person in this picture too- GOD if it were not for him.....we would not be together today!! Through years of infertility, miscarriages, life issues, and job stresses.....he is the cream filling of our OREO!!!

So to see more LOVE stories go to Kelly's Korner today and link to all the blogs!! How Fun is Kelly and her great ideas?!?!



Sandi said...

Awww, what a sweet story, Mollie. I love to read stories about first love and first dates. Love it!!

~Bekah said...

LOVE IT MOLLIE!! SOO SWEET!! omg u crack me up! that "body" was A LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time ago! wish i still looked like that and you are soo sweet but i DO NOT consider myself "tiny" anymore....lookin back, i never knew how small i was! lol

Amber said...

That is such a sweet "tradition!" It's the little things that really show our love for each other.

Aly said...

That is really sweet! I loved your comment about "some things get better with age" and isn't that the truth!

I am a new blogger (Started this week) and follower to Kelly's Korner and I was just poking around at some of the posts and came across your page! Very cute!


Melanie Keffer said...

What an awesome story. Perfect for Valentine's Day. You are 100% right about those simple little things. My husband and I leave each other a 555 call back number on our telephone. It started when we couldn't talk to each other and wanted to let the other one know we loved them and were thinking about them. That was 25 years ago and we still do the 555 thing.

Thanks for sharing!

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS

Jessica said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, and one of the first things that I noticed was that your boys look SO much like your husband did in the picture of you two! I can't wait to look back on my life years down the road and I hope that I feel as blessed as you do for all of the memories!

Happy Valentine's! You guys have fun and be safe today!

Summer said...

Hey over from Kelly's
Love your blog and that title is Ha-larious! Your boys are precious by the way! What a sweet story Awwwww....:o)

I wish I was that tan....

Have a Great V-Day
Summer :0)