Monday, February 8, 2010

Tips for the Salon

Thought I would let you in on a few inside tips from my perspective as a stylist!

~BE ON TIME!!! some places you might have to wait....probably because the stylist had to wait on someone earlier that day..... when you book appointments back to go minute to minute each day!! I have had to make people wait- NEVER longer than 30 minutes.

~Don't pull a NO SHOW- This was my pet peeve.....I had a very busy day booked and people would call and I would turn them down.....then Sally would not show up for her appointment she had set 6 weeks ago- with a reminder card I sent her- TOO LATE to call those people back who really wanted to get in today?? Sickness & death are the only excuses in my book!! HA- I was tough( I had been on clomid too!!)Some places CHARGE for no aware of that!!

~Bring and idea.... unless you get the same hairstyle each time- bring a picture of a NEW fresh idea. I have even had people bring in a video tape of a lady in the audience at the Oprah show!! That is paying attention.
Hang onto the picture- unless your stylist says she can hang on to it for you. I keep pics in peoples file for them, if you hang on to it- then you can bring it back from time to time. It is usually 5-8 weeks between visits....hopefully she has slept since then and might have forgotten the style picture.

You can google celebs and other names of hairstyles in stead of spending money on a style magazine. Then simply print it out and take it with you!!

~ If you just want a trim- show the stylist with your fingers HOW MUCH you want taken off, many, many, people have different ideas of what and INCH is?? It is actually the length of the tip of your pinky finger to the first bend (or wrinkle)'s a secret- a lot of stylist combs have inch measurements on them- they can show you how much you would like from that too!!

~ Be honest- if you need more cut off, then tell them NOW. Otherwise, you might not be happy with the style later- and have to come back. That is something else, IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY- go back to the person and tell them what you don't like about the style......not to everyone else.....and they should be gracious enough to fix it for you (maybe not right then) but to keep you as a customer!!

~ Word of mouth is the best key to any hairstylist- it can make or break them!! So tell others how much you like your hair- spread the word. Remember this person has to make a living standing on their feet 8+ hours a day!!
Goes both ways too- If you LOVE someones hair that you see.....ASK THEM "excuse me...where do you get your hair done?" That is the best way to find what you are looking for most of the time!!

~ TIP....this is a touchy subject......just because you pay them doesn't mean they get to keep it all- That money pays for the hourly job, then any supplies (and supplies are VERY expensive) So slip them at least a few bucks or be generous- especially at will be blessed for it!!

~Talk to your stylist....don't read a book- You will really learn a lot about her/him and them about you! Just as I was leaving 4 years ago- Cells phones were getting kinda awkward.....DON'T TALK ON THE PHONE while you are getting a cut!!! You might end up a little shorter than you wanted!!

Ok again these are from my perspective & not speaking on behalf of any other stylist!!

Ask away any more questions about Hair??

Ginger you are tomorrow.....


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