Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long & Layered

My friend Bekah had a question. She wanted me to give her an idea for a LONG style. She has a new baby these days and I know she would much rather spend time with her than to worry about her hair.

Here is a website I found that might help click HERE to see it. And other pictures I found of a few celebs to maybe help give some ideas.....remember look at the hair- not the face & body!!

Keep in mind that most of these pictures- the people have other people to do their hair. But this gives you some looks for LONG LAYERS. You can keep bangs or do without- to each their own?

I loved having long hair- for the last 5 years I have had long layers. Recently, I switched to short- because I needed a pick me up! It is definitely a good style for moms with little ones- you can pull it up into a ponytail- or clip. I found it very easy for a s@hm. But when you need to go out- it takes so much time to fix. Long layers will all go up into a clip or ponytail- if your layers are longer than your chin, they may not stay in the clip/pt

My secret was to take a shower at night, wash it and then when it is almost dry- sleep on it. I would then wake up and style it with a LARGE curling iron- 1 1/4 inch barrel or a 2 inch barrel. Or if I wanted it straight I would use the Chi. For volume try some Velcro rollers on top (before your hair drys all the way)- for higher hair!! Not to mention some good volumizing products-
I always prefer to use a thermal active spray of some kind when I am using any iron on my hair. Watch Friday for MY FAVORITE products!!

Thanks Bekah for the question.....anyone else?? Please ask away by sending me an e-mail or comment!!
Ginger I will get to yours soon!!


Mandy said...

Thick and coarse hair HELP! Need a new style that's easy too!!!!!!

~Bekah said...

AWWW I'M TOUCHED TO BE THE FIRST QUESTION ANSWERED! OMG i love the Carrie Underwood look!! I'm soo wanting that!! :) I'd love her color too but omg, to be blonde again? I used to be that color, can u imagine :) LOL.. when i went natural, as i am now, everyone thought i dyed it. lol... thanks so much Mollie for the answer and advice! Also, thanks for the blog link! :) love ya miss ya! i HOPE TO BE back at church w/ a well wee one!

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